Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to repair a PC

How to repair a PC

Setting your workplace up

  • You need adequate clothing.
  • Prepare all needed tools.
  • Put the PC where it feels comfortable, this means on the floor. Desktop PCs should be put on the side with the harddisk to the top.
  • Start with the first tool you have at hand.

  • Operate the tool firm and gently
  • Stay away while the PC automatically takes the most optimal position to facilitate further repairs.

Locating parts

  • Now you can start to repair the interior of the PC.
  • First locate the part inside the PC to be repaired.
  • A static eliminator wrist is necessary if you have sensible boards installed in your PC

  • After having located an item inside the PC you can repair it.

Repairing more on the PC

  • To get the movement correctly you should practice first on non PC parts like wood.
  • Repeat this until you think the PC is in a good shape for the next step.

  • OK now that you have done all repairs, it could be that some things still work. If that's the case go to the next step.

Using motorized tools

  • This is the most interesting part of repairing.
  • A motorized tool repairs even the most resisting parts of a PC.
  • A motorized tool helps saving a tremendous amount of time.
  • Motor tools are especially suited to commit repairs deep inside the PC
  • Like before locate the part to be repaired

  • You are now ready, start the motor and repair!
  • Note that safety glasses are a recommended accessory for this.

Final repairs

  • Operate the tool in a slow rotating way
  • Harddisks and cables can be fittet like this

  • Now your repairs should be finished.

Successful reparation

  • If the PC still works, you should look like this.

Bahh shit still alive, but good fun!

Unsuccessful reparation

  • If the PC isn't working any more, you should look like this.

Cool! One PC less on earth. Life is again worth living!

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